Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Atom of Diplomacy.

'Narad Muni' was a Diplomat. He was skilled in dealing with others without causing bad feelings.

A tad bit of diplomacy is needed everywhere, even though many of us would not confess of self being diplomat. I believe each one of us has an atom of diplomacy within us. I see my 4 year old practicing the art of diplomacy in such a foolproof manner, that it amazes me to see how naturally it comes to her.

Many a times we are not good enough with the social interactions around, because we are not good at participating delicately towards a person or a situation. I never confessed of being political and having being breeding diplomacy myself when required. But looking back at 'titanic' situations... and thin-slicing those situations I handled...I exercised diplomacy sparingly. Most of the times it worked, and sometimes it didn't.

Predominantly this what I do, when it is impossible for me to tackle a situation humanely, I contemplate that situation as a game and the people involved as opponents. I need to triumph either by hook or crook. That's how I look at my game. Perhaps a fairy dust of diplomacy may get overlooked, but when one starts just greeting every situation and person diplomatically, that spoils the soup. Just like requisite amount of sugar and salt appreciated, if diplomacy bestowed insufficiently will make you a dark diplomat rather than a subtle one. Hence, practice this craft with utmost liability.

You learn, just as you learn good manners, how to approach things with a certain amount of diplomacy.
-Robert MacNeil.

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